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My friend has suffered from migraines for many years and said that IV therapy to take her migraines away, gives her more energy, and makes her sleep better. Can you tell me more about this?

Yes, I provide IV nutrient and mineral therapy in my practice.  There are tremendous benefits to metabolism, energy, and disease prevention / treatment.  IV therapy ensures 100% absorption into your blood stream that helps correct low nutrient levels more quickly.  This is a great therapy for migraines, fatigue, increasing immune function, and to support athletes.

I have a businesswoman who came into my office a little over a month ago, concerned with excessive fatigue.  She struggled to find the energy for her family when she came home from work.  I started her on IV therapy and after 1 month is feeling great.  She is currently on her second treatment and can take her kids to their sports games in the evenings again.

I have lots of fillings and was wondering if the mercury from them could be causing my health problems?

Absolutely! One of the most common sources of heavy metals in our body today is mercury amalgams, as well as those working in high exposure careers such as the oil and gas industry.  When an individual has health problems due to heavy metals, it is important to determine if there is a burden of heavy metals that have built up in their body over their lifetime and/or a current exposure. Both of these aspects are checked via a urine test that is provided in my office.  I highly recommend this test for anyone who has had or does have mercury amalgams, or currently as well as employees that work in the field for oil and gas companies.

I had a middle aged man who had worked in the oil and gas industry for the last 25 years and suffered from extreme fatigue and headaches.  He was found to have a high heavy metal burden, after 6 rounds of treatment his headaches are gone and his energy levels are dramatically improved.

My 6 year old daughter has had eczema for 3 years now and is always getting sick. I heard that food can be responsible for this type of skin condition, is this true?

Yes this is true.  Food intolerances are often the cause of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  It is very important to see if she has any intolerances to food and this is done in my office via a simple blood test that looks at different foods that are commonly consumed in the diet.  The blood is taken from the finger just like when a diabetic checks their sugar, very easy to have done and non-traumatic for kids. Many times it is foods that parents do no suspect to be a problem such as eggs, soy, whey, and casein.

There was a 4-year-old girl in my office that had severe eczema that would always be cracking and bleeding.  Within 8 weeks of removing her intolerant foods mom and dad reported an 80% improvement in her skin.

I am looking to go about having testing done in regards to food intolerances. I have seen a GI doctor and had Celiac Disease ruled out. I have found dairy products to be a trigger for my symptoms and not sure if its a food intolerance or something more serious. I Would really like to get some more testing done to know for sure if foods are a problem for me, is this something you provide in your office?

Yes, food intolerance testing is provided in our office.  Foods are commonly related to trigger GI symptoms such as gas/bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn.  We test food intolerances with a blood test that checks 96 commonly eaten foods. The lab analyzes this blood test and Dr. Johnson reviews all results with his patients.

Dr. Johnson has a very high success rate with relieving stomach and intestinal symptoms when food intolerances are involved.

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